The series of 'Spaces' started in 2012. I was in love with effects of different wide lenses, how they define lines in spaces, and makes any spaces turn into parallel perspective. Integrations of other organic objects like people or animals into the plane futuristic scenery illustrates the coexistence of inorganic and organic. 


I didn't like taking portraits before, since I aimed seek more objective way of photography expression though perspective is always subjective, and it was extremely difficult for me not to be caught in subjective expression with human objects. However, I started realizing that portraits in intime situations can be interesting, as some people open themselves in front of me in different and interesting ways, which could show varieties of faces of personas they play. Portraits became the most subjective way of expressing my perspective, different intended from other photographies I make.


Patterns of nature show amazing synchronicity with a human body. We are created under the same law of the universe. I like to find a scene of a harmonious collaboration of human objects and nature, which suggest a storyline. Among nature, I especially have an obsession with roots. Roots, which grew and aged. The circumstances shaped them and the unknown histories of their life are coded in their appearance. I give them a voice, whatever story they would like to tell. We'll never know the truth. They are kind, they are possessive, they are loving, they are aggressive. Everything that was required for their survival results as their behavior.  


I started capturing story lines and people as social contexts. Some objects and shooting environment helped to metaphorically express the social contexts, which the human objects were in. 


When the sceneries are flatten through certain angle the camera lens catches, they turn into wonderful paintings. Different tones of gray looks intentional, and texture of an object turns into a touch of a brush. It is an humorous way to manipulate one's perspective.


Photo flash gives an effect of spontaneous, scandalous feeling. It's the most violent way to capture people. I manipulate a story that doesn't exist in the photos through this way of photography.